Brown marmorated stinkbug (BMSB) (Halyomorpha halys) is an exotic insect pest of horticultural and field crops.  It has the potential to cause significant damage.  Apples and peaches have been most affected in Virginia, with soybeans and various produce crops also being damaged. 

Stink Bug - Courtesy of Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Damage begins mainly in late July through August.  Damage to soybean crops appears to be limited mainly to field edges.  Scouting and treatment should be focused in these areas, with specific interest in edges along woods particularly where tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is present.

From 2012 Field Crops Pest Management Guide
  # per row-foot # per 15 sweeps  
  7" - 21" above 21" 7" - 21" above 21" Other Comments
Full-season plantings or double-crop with poor growth 1 1 2.4 3.6 Little damage after beans are fully formed

Damage thresholds for stinkbug